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see some flaws XiaoYan this strange agility, and then launched a fatal blow.
heard, the other two also 名慕兰 elders nodded, eyes quickly looked gloomy Shanlue came two light,Coach Outlet Online, eyes flashing between, constantly trying to find some flaws exposed light. In the eyes of the three so
Jishan rooms,Coach Bags On Sale, three light, finally,Coach Outlet, suddenly and to, bright silver light, so that was not just some of them blocked the line of sight, but they are found slightly heavy heart, three light and shadow in all faint suppress surging power
silver shadow getting closer, tiger people do not move the elders stature, his eyes keeping a close eye shadow that road, a moment, a slight eye pupil contraction, perhaps because of extreme centralization of sight of the reason, he suddenly found This Road undulator light suddenly slightly a bit, that layer of bright silver light slightly weakened a bit, but weakened in this instant, his eyes just to see the silver being hidden. lengli face goes. This is like a fleeting glimpse
, so that was suddenly staring tiger who covered all stood up,Coach Outlet Online, eyes blinking rapidly, though saw a silver in the face, but he is not sure whether this is intentional for the other side it, the order is to let him pull the sense of fighting forces were to himself.
so the idea of ​​going on a short moment, then, he is seen on the face goes slightly evoke Senleng smile. Qiaode a trace of human face,Coach Factory Outlet, a fierce tiger who Changchun brain exploding hearts no longer have the slightest hesitation, fingerprints, a move that hovered between the three channels that were fighting force, that is,Coach Outlet, such as lightning sister integration into their into the body.
‘Boy, I come to feel the body that died suddenly between the surging power of the tiger who also took to touch elders face grim, between Nu Sheng throat

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the sweep, a slight frown.
‘She took a drug directly troops were rushed in the front, I am afraid there she would be in addition to the small medical cents scorpion first arrived at the door of the square.’ Medusa helplessly, for that little Nizi, she is also very silent.
‘Well, with her, as long as the door is not fighting Huang Wan scorpion strong shot, and that she had no risk, we also accelerated degree of it. \\’ Xiao Yan shook his head,Coach Outlet, then heard the sound of the mountains and plains of the fight, stature a move that is directly through the forest, vibration fire wing, facing +; the summit of a peak of the storm swept away,Coach Outlet, while Medusa also use condensed out of a vindictive grudge behind the wings, followed. At the moment the square on
scorpion mountain sky, but also occasionally have fighting, but the two sides strongly by key is no fighting, once the situation right now,Coach Outlet Store Online, they flew toward their side swept escape, so though it seems the sky and hit the wonderful chaos can now also did not appear too big casualties. Xiao Yan
two straight and on the way,Coach Outlet Store, after a long while, is to close part of the mountains, commanding gaze swept away, I saw was this towering peaks, hilltop like being an ax cut directly in half, and in that plane above, it is with a very huge number of doors stands, in case the door over the place,Coach Outlet, filled with rich green smog, smog billowing room, all the conditions inside were exhaustively cover. In addition to those cases
door,Coach Bags Outlet, poison cases of people continued continued emergence of 66, then as ants, will give all surrounded by square exhaust door, but as more and more cases of human poisoning occur, also opened a branch streamer flash swept from, and finally emerges through the air, is impressively small medical cents and a congregation were

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of feet in tip forming huge Daomang,Coach Outlet, then anger fiercely split down!
looked sharp shot this old man, Xiao Yan looking’d unchanged feet above Yinmang flashes, immediately stature Hao,Coach Outlet Store Online, is in a burst of muffled thunder sound, strange disappearance. ‘Bang!’
Daomang huge space to cut, then fiercely hacking patch of open space at the top, the moment, the whole hill all shook up at this moment, and soon a huge crack spread from landing at Daomang and open, extended until the middle of the hills, had just slowly stopped. See the old man that powerful destructive, everyone else is light inhaled breath, immediately hastened to retreat too far, this and other levels of combat, but can easily be brutally pond fish.
knife fall, the old man is doing wrinkled brow,Coach Bags Outlet, Xiao Yan’s speed, so that was his great headache, its eyes quickly glanced at the location of Chen busy, and there is no movement. ‘Give the old lady come out!’
sharp eyes swept the void, the old man in the eyes of the passing touch of chill is in the hands of the sword against sudden minnow fiercely burst cut the left one space away. ‘Clang!’
sword across space, huge black-edged ruler wizard suddenly flash out against the sword down, but Xiao Yan stature, is thus revealed itself.
wrist doubled, heavy foot clever breaking Senhan machetes, stature and a half spin, but also in the hands of heavy footSwinging along with the powerful from abnormal Chi – hot winds, is directly tied to the head in front of the old man in the past. ‘!’
seeing this, but it is soon Lenghe old man,Coach Outlet Store, he was tricky Hsiao-yen’s rate, if recklessly, he has confidence in the ten round shock collapse – Xiao Yan body vindictive, nine cases of star power,Coach Outlet Online, and then how to say than the full five-star,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan high on that gap can not be so easily hauled.

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cast updates ~~~~ you read a vote, thank you. Wo finished adjourned! 1132nd chapter soul fingerprints
line the hall,cheap jordans for sale, Xiao Yan and Cao Ying, who did not have too much conversation, is facing a straight leading to the bottom of the channel to go Danta. ‘Mr. Xiao Yan and so on.’ Xiao Yan has just taken
pace, a sweetly charming in its wake is sounded, so he was taken under the pace only Dayton,cheap jordans, tilted his head looking at the Cao Ying goes enchanting touching cheeks, laughing: ‘ Miss Cao Ying something? ‘ Cao Ying
wavefront flow, stare between charming heavens, so that was kind of shift does not open the eyes of people impulse, at the moment she is masking tick light laugh: ‘The last time Mr. Xiao Yan did not talk with, and now have the time, why not together talk about? ‘
actually open invitation to hear Cao Ying, Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, eyes implied that swept aside a Song Qing, it really was to see him gently wrinkled brow.
‘Well, I still have events in the body,cheap jordan shoes, in the future if there is a time and then with Miss Cao Ying Liaoba Early
to Danta, Xiao Yan did not want more enemies, especially the kind of thing provoke jealousy or because of some hostility, therefore smiled and said.
saw Xiao Yan refused his invitation, Cao Ying wavefront circulation is slightly meal,Cheap Jordans Outlet, apparently refused such a thing for her, which is quite rare, but she also unusual characters, the idea of ​​mind did not reveal the slightest on the cheek, sweet smiles: ‘It is really a pity …’
‘Eiji, Xiao Yan brother since there are events, it also no longer a difficult one,jordan shoes for sale, and Dan will be approaching, immortality refining our last discussion has not been completed yet,cheap jordan shoes, as today it will complete it.’ aside Song Qing with laughs.
‘Oh, that does not bother to make the two Xiao Yan, and this might

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is extraordinary.
‘her soul force, more powerful than when I found you, and her body,Cheap Jordans Outlet, several times stronger than your past,’ if nurture it, I am afraid the future achievement of this Dangdie even stronger than you, ‘the old drugs slightly fiery eyes light, such eyes, Xiao Yan then met him at the first, has also been seen.
listen to old drug evaluation, Xiao Yan is also smiled, physical talent this thing is important, but as for the future achievements,cheap jordan shoes, still have to look at the individual perseverance, he was able to come to the point where today, rely on, not something innate, but time and time again that seek hovering between life and death in the bloody battle come breakthrough ……,
real strong peak, rather than relying on talent, but great perseverance!
medicine old palm constantly pinching Xiaoxiao bones, slightly hard hand, so too are some Duqi Xiaoxiao mouth, in the mouth of the constant grumbling, see the side of the crowd laughing.
‘After the little old man,cheap jordans for sale, let me train Xiaoxiao,jordan shoes for sale, right?’
pinch for a long time, finally looked old drugs, ‘Xiao Yan eyes look directly,cheap jordans, without hesitation, even though he is not even in front of the face of this near-perfect Xiaoxiao like diamonds in the rough, and finally, some could not help to live.
see old drugs look like that, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head, he will bring Xiaoxiao stars fell Court, which is also the matter of the old drugs drug refining technique, known among his also noAble to transcend able to get him to personally train Xiaoxiao, that nature is the best.
but also understand the hearts of Xiao Yan, Xiao Xiao’s talent is impressive, but it does not necessarily have to be able to make it so strong medicine old can not wait, the latter is true to his granddaughter Xiaoxiao look into,cheap jordan shoes, and She wants

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distributed out,Cheap Jordans Outlet, finally filled on Rock Hill, forming a faint miasma, this toxic miasma very strong, even Doo Wang Qiang, who is not free to inhalation.
rocks, and occasionally has some poisonous snakes in the rapid flash, but these things are all those in the outside world quite rare poison, but in here, but it is a common abnormality, this collection of poison were abundant, indeed.
Shilin central location, with a paved by Blackstone made pond, pond around, furnished with four snakes statue head, snake giant mouth wide open, shoot out between the snake letter, a channel black liquid paint, from which a steady stream of overflow flow out, and finally drops into the pond.
within the pond,cheap jordans,Tan color is a very dark water,cheap jordans, this water completely black eyes looked not see the end, even the power of erosion and even soul into, but also will be a rebound and four.
pond air, lingering with a touch of fog, mist with a little little bit of smell, is toxic obvious thing.
in stone at the moment around the pool, three figure stands, their eyes at the moment are all tightly stared naked body among young rock pool.
‘You’re poisoning the pool water, will not have any harm Xiao Yan, right?’ Medusa eyes looked black paint water,Cheap Jordans Outlet, cautious road.
‘This pool of toxic water, I formulated hundreds of poisonous vermin had just run-out of each other in a variety of toxic comprehensive, but so that was where the energy is extremely powerful.’ Small medical cents squat body,cheap jordan shoes, real estate broker gently that ordinary people If touch the palms will be etched into the toxic water shook, then whispered: ‘But after all the water is poisonous toxic water, which is inherent in the very strong poison, but it is also needed XiaoYan He in the insidious poison magic spot in this pool of practice,jordan shoes for sale, together

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are top grade choice, or even a bucket and finally added a holy arm, but he also never thought, so that was finally able to break through the old drugs. Originally
according to his surprise,cheap jordans for sale, the old drugs toss peak power can be restored, it has been the greatest blessing is, as a breakthrough fight respect, that kind of thing, hardly too much to think about how, because of the degree of difficulty to break bucket respect, he is also abnormal understand this continent, fighting strong respect though relatively rare, but far from rare as yet reached the point where, as for the legendary fighting even if it is a holy experience Xiao Yan, also just seen a very little of the soul of India’s fight holy remnant bones only, of course, ‘Now the old drugs’ should also be able to be counted as quasi-Doo holy strong, although there are a half semi-holy word,cheap jordans, but anyway,cheap jordan shoes, finally get on a saint!
distant sky above the horizon old drugs suspension, dull eyes glanced at the distant statue nine two, touch in hockey palm,jordan shoes for sale, slowly Woxia.
‘Kacha!’ Along with the old drugs
palm Woxia that contains the energy of terror hockey surface suddenly twisted up, like that look, as if with a gigantic invisible hand, severely pinched down general
‘broken,cheap jordan shoes! ‘
hockey surface distortions increasingly powerful, after a moment ‘is finally in the old drugs faint voice, the click, bang ‘bang burst!
hockey burst of terror energy crisis suddenly swept like a hurricane generally open, but when these storms spread to a certain extent, but it is an instant Karma, however, only silently count them annihilation.
‘grunt ,jordan shoes for sale……’
looking at the sky that slowly drift down the pieces of ice, many people are fiercely swallowed ‘That’s enough to destroy these mountains of terrorist attacks, that is so lightweight been resolved

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more than two decades, if not – Magic Anggun is a matter of survival, it seldom occurs.’ Moreover, even appeared ,cheap jordans, that old devil will also Wo Ganna me how to Canaan Institute, dean for adults, that old devil, but always very afraid. ‘Xiao-Yan Qiao bit worried look,Cheap Jordans Outlet, the Soviet Union thousands smile comforted.
‘But that dragon head, not the tail. – The president of adults do not fly more than that old devil magic ah il me for so many years in Canaan Institute, who did not even know what he looks like.’ ‘Wen Yan,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan could not help but smile.
‘cough.’ This, president of adults really mysterious. Like his old Tamkang University,cheap jordan shoes, that. ‘To tell the truth, I actually have a dozenYears did not see him. ‘Soviet Union thousands cough cry, want to justify something, you can most – after all, he could not help himself and some complained Road.
Xiupao apply to sweat on his forehead,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan also reluctantly shook his head, slightly awe-inspiring look at the distant sky, Han Feng, who sweep the sweep. Nodded and said: ‘Well, regardless of the first back to Canaan College Bar’ Although Xiao Yan heart
think now it is let small medical cents big elders together with the Soviet Union thousands will kill Han Feng. But this case, it is a bit inappropriate, after all you want to kill Han Feng, must also make a small medical cents and there is a great consumption of the Soviet Union thousands, and if they lost two wars force,jordan shoes for sale, even Xiao Yan. Also not sure of the smooth body with Bodhi saliva, back to Canaan College.
Xiao Yan did not intend to see it now and Han Feng hands, the Soviet Union thousands also relieved, and he had played against Han Feng, who know exactly how much tough and cunning, that time can be even kill, there will be some damage. And in such a situation is eyeing

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full ten days time, the body of a grudge,cheap jordans for sale, did not stop running half carved, such perseverance, even some family Void cologne people are admired not help but feel some promise .qu; However, this approach relies
unusual,cheap jordan shoes, obviously not always stick to it, so in time to reach the fifteenth day,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan finally could not carry this consumption, remove the candle from the elders of this paternity give his cologne essence and blood, removed from a drop,Cheap Jordans Outlet, swallow eight belly.
cologne into the body and blood, Xiao Yan immediately covered with skin that is harnessed into a bright Jinmang, the vastness of the energy in the body as the storm swept generally open, had exhausted the meridians, almost at the moment, is once again was bubbling vindictive quickly filled.
Moreover, in such turmoil among energy,jordan shoes for sale, Xiao Yan is also felt the body’s bones, muscles and even meridians, etc., are spread among a strange faint acid itch, and under this acid itch, as if bones, muscles, etc., are slowly becoming more and more tough and powerful .qu;
‘This is the essence and blood cologne energy inherent in it, really magical .qu;’
feel the change in the body, Xiao Yan could not help but come to mind also promised some amazing color, this ability, almost all can be compared with some higher order of immortality, which is really worthy of Warcraft Void cologne industry’s top general The presence of the force of blood just fine, and so it is that it has the magic.
‘Given .qu; Next, we continue!’
palm slightly clenched, Xiao Yan slightly tired face also appeared a smile, eyes tightly inside watching the giant tripod, that there, grind purple dragon phoenix body surface crystal layer that has almost completely disappeared This section reprinted from the network. But it does not mean the end,jordan shoes for sale, because

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things’ he vaguely aware of some’ but it has been thought that only three ancient jade emperor, original, actually as much as a total of eight.
‘capture the soul of the house why your father, which is, it should be is the Shaw family homes Tuo ancient jade emperor, ” filed soul of the house,Coach Outlet Store Online, Gu Yuan is slightly wrinkled brow,Coach Outlet, and said:’ the soul of the family,Coach Outlet, has been is the most ancient family of eight strange mysterious race ‘then ancient tribe and Xiao family together’ once had a war with them ‘own damage’ but not to cause too much damage to the soul of the family, and later 萧玄成 for Shaw clan, had the opportunity to hit the soul of the family ‘but in the end he was the soul of the family pioneered many strong weisha tangled, so that Xiao Xuan fall, Xiao Yi Juebu family sip ‘
‘Xiao family lost this power, ancient tribe is unable alone to declare war against the soul of the family, because everyone knows that ‘if this fight go on’ both communities will be decimated ‘to do soForces caused chance,Coach Outlet Online, so it has been continued until now * …… ”
‘But some of these actions in the soul from the family point of view, they should also be around the corner, so this ancient Emperor Jade’ will inevitably make their goal if they have all been the ancient jade emperor,Coach Outlet Online, that the soul of the family’s strength is to be soaring, thus breaking the balance ‘looking a little bit Gu Yuan Xiao Yan looked dignified ‘and said:’ You should know that this ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes How important is it? ”
Xiao Yan nodded,Coach Factory Outlet, but my heart is suddenly flashed a picture of a pair of underground magma ‘there is a world of underground magma Canaan College’ at the end of magma that once something has to get his hands round the ancient emperor Yu Tuo react.
‘Is that magma end of the world ‘is the hidden

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